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A serious auto accident or other injury-causing event caused by someone else's negligence is one of the most traumatic experiences any of us can face. You may be concerned about overwhelming medical bills and your ability to earn a living, support your family and enjoy life in the future. Dealing with an insurance company on your own can lead to serious financial adversity, frustration and regret.

At Cannon, Mihill & Winkles, we know that getting quality medical attention should be your first priority after an accident. Our attorneys also recognize that the quality of your legal representation can make a critical difference as you seek fair compensation in this stressful and pivotal time. We do not advertise on billboards or late night television, but you can count on us for balanced, determined counsel if you need an Atlanta personal injury attorney.

Car And Truck Accident Litigation · Skilled Advocacy In Insurance Disputes

We practice law with integrity and purpose. If you have a valid personal injury claim or have tragically lost a family member and need to pursue wrongful death litigation, we will:

  • Rigorously investigate what happened and call upon qualified experts as needed to prove fault and recover every dollar available to support your recovery
  • Provide the empathy and personal attention you deserve, including direct access to your lawyer if you have questions or need updates at any point
  • Prepare your case rigorously for the possibility of trial while respecting the reality that a timely negotiated or mediated settlement may be the optimal solution

Balanced, Results-Focused Representation · We Seek Justice For The Injured

We have extensive experience in serious car accident injury cases and numerous other forms of personal injury litigation. Our perspective gained on both sides of such cases could be the difference-making factor for you. To speak directly with a compassionate, approachable lawyer you can trust to provide an honest assessment of your rights and legal options, please contact our law firm now.

Personal Injury Law Services

Despite what you've seen on television commercials, if you've been involved in a serious automobile accident, your first call shouldn't be to a lawyer - you should call a doctor. It's always important to seek proper medical attention right away after suffering any injury (or even the possibility of an injury) in a car accident. After you've done so, it's equally important to seek legal representation from a qualified auto accident attorney to protect your rights and interests.

It may take years to recover from a serious injury and medical bills can add up quickly. Lost wages and the resulting financial stress adds to the mix, creating further pressure as you try to heal from your accident injuries. Don't try to face this complex situation alone. The Atlanta personal injury lawyers at Cannon, Mihill & Winkles will review your claim and open their own investigation to make sure that no details are overlooked. We help to manage your claims so that you can focus solely on getting well.

Atlanta Personal Injury Attorneys

There are other reasons for retaining legal representation quickly. Witness memory can fade, evidence can be lost, and statutes of limitation can run out. If the accident involved multiple parties, insurance limits can be exhausted before your claim is even considered. Our experienced lawyers understand what it takes to successfully manage a personal injury lawsuit and are dedicated to securing the maximum amount possible for your claim.

Contact an experienced attorney at Cannon, Mihill & Winkles to discuss your case. We give each client the individual attention they deserve.