Atlanta Contract Attorneys

Contractual relationships lie at the heart of nearly all business transactions and partnerships. Consequently, most significant business disputes turn on the question of whether a breach of contract has occurred and, if so, what damages are available. Whether you have been harmed by someone else's violation of a contract or need to defend an allegation against you, the law firm you rely on can make all the difference.

Experience Across The Spectrum Of Contract Services And Litigation

Negotiations and litigation to resolve contract disputes are core strengths for our team of attorneys at Cannon, Mihill & Winkles in Atlanta. We offer counsel and representation with integrity to Georgia business owners, commercial landlords, executives, licensed professionals and others when they need upfront contract-related services or advocacy to protect their interests.

You can turn to us with confidence for creation, review, negotiation or litigation associated with nearly any type of contract, including:

  • Commercial leases and other real estate contracts
  • Noncompetition agreements and a full range of other employment contracts, including commission-based contracts between sales professionals and their employers
  • Vendor and franchising contracts
  • Construction contracts
  • Licensing agreements for the use of proprietary material and royalty contracts between artists, entertainers and distributors of their work

Diligent, Results-Driven Representation Aligned With Your Goals

Our Atlanta contracts lawyers are honest, approachable and generous with their time. We know that our ability to accomplish your goals depends on how well we understand those goals. Whether you need a commercial lease review, decisive action to collect a business debt, or comprehensive counsel for a partnership dispute, your needs will come first at our firm.

We help many clients protect themselves against risks and costly litigation through detail-focused contracts counsel. When disputes do arise, we focus on identifying the best path to a just outcome in full view of our clients' risks and budgetary limitations. If litigation is necessary, we prepare for trial rigorously and deliver maximum effort in the courtroom. For a consultation on your contract-related or other legal needs, call or email us now.

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Breach Of Contract

At Cannon, Mihill & Winkles, our attorneys routinely handle complex cases involving contract disputes. Partnership differences arise, vendors may not honor their agreements, and contractors sometimes leave their customers high and dry. While we are happy to assist you when these and other problems arise, we'll also be the first to tell you that not all breach of contract incidents are worth pursuing. Litigation costs, collectability and a number of other factors need to be considered before moving forward with your claims. We take the time to help you examine your situation and also explore alternative dispute resolution tactics before jumping into costly litigation.

Protecting your interests in contract disputes

You don't always have the luxury of deciding whether litigation is necessary. An opposing party may sue you for breaching the terms of a contract. When this happens, we have the depth of experience in litigation to help protect you and your interests. We work quickly to respond to claims raised against you and also examine whether any counter-claims are necessary. We work hard to resolve our clients' problems effectively, efficiently and with a sense of finality.

Cannon, Mihill & Winkles business litigation lawyers serve Atlanta and Metro Atlanta. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Sales/Commission-Based Contract Disputes

It is no secret that most sales representatives and executives depend greatly on commissions, bonuses and other incentive-based pay. The language in contracts governing the relationships between sales employees and their employers is often complex. It may also be highly business-specific and steeped in terminology that is subject to interpretation.

Clear Strengths In Employment Contract Analysis And Litigation

At Cannon, Mihill & Winkles, our attorneys review and analyze contracts every day. Our legal team brings together a powerful combination of employment law knowledge and strength in litigation. Whether you are a professional who believes you are being denied proper compensation or an employer facing a complaint that could lead to a costly lawsuit, we can offer balanced, highly informed counsel.

We Get To The Heart Of Disputes Between Employers And Sales Professionals

In addition to our versatile business lawyers' experience on both sides of such matters, our practical approach to commission disputes and other employer-employee conflicts can be a key asset for you. Essentially, the question at the center of any disagreement over compensation is: has the employer paid the correct amount as defined within the contract? Components of that issue may involve:

  • Exploring and defining what commissions or other incentive payments are based on — such as gross sales, net sales or other factors
  • Assessing the accounting practices being used to calculate this form of compensation
  • Gaining a thorough understanding of the facts of the case, as when an employee who has been terminated believes he or she should promptly receive earned but unpaid sales commissions

If you must confront a problem involving alleged withholding of commissions or any other employment contract issue, please contact our Atlanta law firm. We will prioritize your case, provide clear guidance and assertively seek fair resolution through a path best suited for your needs.