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In the construction industry, conflicts that can lead to high-value litigation are fairly common. Disputes between builders, subcontractors, developers and property owners arise under a variety of circumstances. Many involve an alleged breach of contract such as a failure to perform or a failure to pay for materials. In other cases, homeowners and commercial property owners believe they are entitled to repair or compensation for construction defects.

Atlanta attorney, Thomas Mihill, offers highly qualified counsel and representation for business owners and private parties engaged in building disputes. He has extensive knowledge of the specific rules and procedures associated with Georgia construction law, including strict deadlines and all viable paths to resolution.

Mechanic's Liens And Collections · Construction Defect Claims

You can turn to Thomas Mihill for prompt, personal attention and services such as:

  • Filing mechanic's liens and materialman's liens and performing all follow-up collections work to secure payment for contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers
  • Serving proper, timely notice in construction defect matters governed by Georgia's Right To Repair Act — and pursuing or defending litigation in such cases
  • Representing homeowners and commercial property owners in other actions necessitated by serious construction defects, including problems with foundations, roofs and landscaping
  • Providing ongoing, highly responsive business law counsel for clients engaged in the construction and real estate industries who may face liability claims, employee complaints and a range of other issues

Reach A Proven Georgia Construction Lawyer Who Will Prioritize Your Case

If you have a problem collecting for your construction labor or materials, or if you must confront a construction defect issue anywhere in North Georgia, fast action may be critical. Turn to Thomas Mihill with confidence. He takes pride in consistently delivering honest, forthright counsel and taking decisive action that rewards the trust his clients place in him.

Construction Law Services

If you are a contractor, subcontractor or supplier in the construction industry, one of the biggest challenges you may face is getting paid in full and on time. Georgia law sets out extremely specific methods and procedures for filing claims and receiving compensation. In many cases, you must file a materialman's or mechanic's lien on the property in question.

Turn To a Knowledgeable, Proactive Georgia Construction Law Attorney

Whether you need to file a lien or fight back against an unjustified action against you, a call Thomas Mihill in Atlanta can help. He offers thorough knowledge of the strict rules and deadlines that pertain to these cases. He is an approachable, down-to-earth professional who will explain your rights clearly and rigorously strive to recover payment for your work in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.

Meet Deadlines, Provide Clear Counsel And Protect Your Interests

Important considerations when disputes over construction services and payment arise include:

  • Statutes of limitations are strictly enforced by the courts, making it essential to take prompt action.
  • Any mistake in the filing and "perfection" of a materialman's or mechanic's lien may make it impossible for you to pursue further legal action and ever recover payment for your work. We have the knowledge and experience to make certain your lien is valid and properly filed.
  • Filing a construction lien properly is just one step in the process. While you focus on your core business, Thomas Mihill will ensure effective follow-up is performed and your rights are protected.
  • If an unjustified lien has been filed against you, he is adept at analyzing work contracts and bringing forth other evidence to provide difference-making defense of your interests.

He understands the practical needs and priorities of his construction industry clients. You can count on receiving an honest assessment of your likelihood of success with any type of claim when you contact Thomas Mihill for counsel and zealous representation.

Thomas J. Mihill represents clients in the North Georgia area, including but not limited to Buckhead, Marietta, Cobb County, Roswell and Alpharetta. Contact online or email Mr. Mihill at [email protected] to learn more about how he can provide highly-qualified representation for your real estate law case.

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